Mondher Abdennadher

Les Napoleons – Innovative Communications Summits - Founder - Mondher Abdennadher

Pioneer of the digital economy, Mondher Abdennadher co-founded and became Vice President of Connect World (Havas Advertising) in 1994, shortly after graduating from ISC Paris. He then went on to co-found Voove Group/Cell Network in 1998, (sold in 2002), confirming his deep interest in new technologies and the ability they have to transform relations between businesses and their audiences. Following this, Mondher became President of Deep Blue, the strategic consulting division of Group Aegis Media France and Carat Culture, a specialized unit in consulting and cultural engineering within the same group. Alongside these areas of research and activity focused on innovation in communications, he created in 2002 the Toléde NGO dedicated to diversity & inclusion and cultural dialogues.

Since 2007, he also is senior lecturer in media and communication at Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences-Po Paris), a public research and higher education institution.


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Olivier Moulierac

Les Napoleons - Innovative Communications Summits - Founder - Olivier Moulierac

Spotted by Jacques Séguéla at the end of his education in Graphic Arts, Olivier Moulierac confirms his passion for image and the power it bestow on the advertising message, within the RSCG agency (soon to be Euro RSCG). At the launch of Euro RSCG C&O in 2002 (Havas), he seeks to develop and set, in company with Stéphane Fouks and Laurent Habib, a new aesthetic and tone to the concept of corporate message.

Vice President in charge of creation within the agency from 1995 to 2012, Olivier instigates the creative hub, revolutionizing operations by closely associating all aspects of creation. With 450 employees on board of whom 80 work in the creative realm, he accompanies major brands such as Airbus, Areva, EDF, France Info, Inpes, Orange, and Vivendi. Olivier has helped to grow their business through creativity regularly awarded in international competitions and festival for professionals of the communications industry.


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Les Napoleons - Momentum - Home of the Napoleons

In 2014, Mondher Abdennadher and Olivier Moulierac jointly created Momentum, the parent company of the Napoleons, as the logical consequence in their pursuit of innovation for the sake of relationships between institutions, companies, brands and the public.

Momentum is the home of the Napoleons, a major high-end summit dedicated to Innovation in Communications in France.


Photo credits: Inès Dieleman