Getty Images is a global digital media company which moves the world with images. Established in 1995, we proudly represent the work of more than 250,000 talented and dedicated photographers and other content creators, and hundreds of media and content partners. Nearly 2,000 global employees in more than 20 offices around the world, bring their creativity and skills to our company, everyday. Together, we serve millions of customers. Including large and small creative agencies, corporations, nonprofits, educators and media, with visual content to power their communications. In addition, in 2014, we opened our vast archives, which contain much of the world’s visual history, to the public, making millions of images available at no cost, for noncommercial online communications. We invite you to learn more about where we stand on key issues, how we operate our company and how we collaborate to move commerce, media and personal communications with powerful images – the universal language of our time.” show less— Jonathan Klein, Co-founder and Chairman


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