As the leading health insurer and industry leader in care and support services in France, the VYV group was established with the conviction that we had to bring together our development and mobilization abilities to tackle an unprecedented period in our history.

Exceptional progress has been brought on by the simultaneous effects of digital technologies as well as revolutions in the healthcare field, people’s expectations, medical practice, and the very concepts of personalization, predictability and responsibility. The fundamental mission of the entities that make up our mutual company remains the same: the improvement of living conditions for our insured, associate members and patients. The ways and practices to achieve it will nonetheless continue to evolve.

Hence, innovation is at the core of our strategy. It is our approach to innovation that strengthens our position as a trusted player — a position that seamlessly combines ethics, human contact and technological knowledge for our members. It’s an innovation that must also aim to achieve equality of access for all individuals in the new services that will be developed. In this way, we intend to actively contribute to the construction of a new paradigm in health, insurance and medical treatment.

Les Napoléons is a natural partner for collaboration, both for its broad “innovation des Lumières” network, as well as the diversity and the richness of the conversations around society’s major transformations that take place there. The VYV group is delighted to share and expand its vision and its ambitions with Les Napoléons.

Jean-Louis DAVET
Deputy CEO