Les Napoleons


The Napoleons have been created on the belief

that sharing and collaboration are crucial for Innovation.
Strength is numbers, it makes us more creative,
intelligent and above all it is more fun.


This principle implies the creation of the Innovative
Communications Academy. The Academy brings together the
innovators who are willing to exchange within the community,
just like a club, in an interactive and vibrant way.


The Innovative Communications Academy
is designed to boost encounters and discussions,
like a social network that gives the opportunity to share plans.
The creation of our digital platform promotes the dialogue.


The Bureau des Napoleons ensures the representativity
of all specialties involved in Innovation and contacts
leading experts in their field. It is essential for this group to gather
and represent all the players of Innovative Communications,
whether they are players, promoters, influencers, entrepreneurs,
elected officials… In diverse areas such as mobility and architecture,
media and culture, art and advertising, design and environment,
technology and telecommunications, digital and big data, interactivity,
education, contents and entertainment…
Basically all those who promote mobility and exchanges.


The founders of the Napoleons initiate the co-optation process
in order to ensure a proportionate representation of the industries
and fields involved. The Academy members may have to propose
the co-optation of peers who have the same profile.
All together they will all be part of a network,
which will provide every month, progressively and throughout the year
specific programs like: lectures, study trips, private visits, lunch meetings
around a distinguished guest, with the aim of sharing innovations
initiated by its members.


The Innovative Communications Academy
is supposed to be the vibrant and enthusiastic embodiment of the Napoleons.



Want to learn more about the Innovative Communications Academy?
Send us an email: infos[@]lesnapoleons.com

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