Les Napoleons

Innovative Communications Summits

The Innovative Summits for the Napoleons
bring together the participants and promoters of Innovation
of all kinds of industries to speed up
the exchange of ideas, which drives the world forwards.

If the Innovative Summits are taking place today,
it is because behind this apparent containment,
which characterized this era, there is a tremendous impetus imposing itself.
This impetus is due to new ways of thinking and creating in collaboration.
It aims to reinvent the links between the companies, the brands
and institutions and the people. In short it allows the imagination
to lead to innovation with a marvelous fluidity
and for the well being of everybody.


“Imagination governs the world”, said Napoleon.
Today, we are facing a real revolution in the context of the open source.
Technology binds us to each other magnificently but the fact that we are sharing ideas, creativity and invention; it adds strength and it really result in change.
We want to help to accelerate this fundamental change by fostering the inflow of ideas and skills sharing in a spirit of openness, inquiry and audacity.
Imagination leads to creation. Innovating together is also to make ideas become real, to consider funding and the chance to maximize.


This vision of innovation guides the ones who want to change the world. It invites us to reconsider how we can create links between audiences who are not targets, prospects or customers anymore but men and women. Everyone has become a communicator, new links are set, It is time for a change.
The Napoleons strive to value everything and every body who contribute to reinvent, improve and maximize new ways to bound audiences.
The actors of Innovative Network form a community who still ignores its members, they come from the digital area or the industry, the telecoms or techs, the brands or universities, the financial world or the institutions, the medias or the content production, they are scriptwriters, publishers, producers, designers, advertisers… in short all those who promote mobility and exchanges.
This new era offers real opportunities for companies, brands and institutions, who favor customs as a testimony to their human interest and the understanding of their expectations. If they communicate better they add value. Indeed reflection is part of a “for profit” process , which is not cynical. To obtain an appropriate relationship between the actors, it involves working together in a better way, therefore having more confidence and boldness, consequently creating a righteous exchange for the benefit of humans.


For the first time in France, an initiative is geared to the community of players and promoters of Innovation through an unusual relational program.
The Napoleons offer events, which are part of this relational program throughout the year. Build as a powerful tool, it is based on a digital program and on regular meetings.