Julie de Pimodan

Founder – Fluicity.

Nominated for her innovative ideas, improving urban life through facilitating the exchange between citizens and decision makers.

Maja Hoffmann

Founder – Fondation LUMA.

Nominated for her innovative ideas, as well as her commitment to make Arles an international  cultural reference.

Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic

Co-founder – Numa.

Nominated for her commitment to innovation and her way of challenging previous codes and standards. Thanks to Marie-Vorgan hundreds of French start-ups has seen the light of day.

Céline Lazorthes

Founder –

Nominated for her innovative ideas resulted in the great success of her start-up Leetchi, an innovation that  has placed French entrepreneurship on the international map.

Emmanuelle Duez

Founder – The Boson Project / WoMen’Up.

Nominated for her innovative corporate and societal vision, as well as for her commitment to humanity, youth and diversity.


Alexandre Bompard

CEO, Fnac.

Nominated for this work in digitalizing Fnac’s product line. His commitment to culture, defence and diversity has also counted in the nomination.

Benjamin Millepied

Director of Dance,

Opéra National de Paris.

Nominated for his work with the modernization of the Opéra de Paris. Benjamin’s influence, his focus on digital development, as well as his innovative management of the Opera’s dancers also counted in the nomination.

Romain Lacombe

Founder – Plume Labs

Nominated for the usage of open data in the service of the environment and humanity. His application, Plume Labs, offers a sophisticated pollution forecast to help the world’s citizens to stay ahead of pollution.

Rand Hindi

Founder –  Snips.

Nominated for his work in using artificial intelligence to facilitate the usage of cellphones  and hence, improving peoples’ every day life.

Frédéric Mazzella

CEO – Founder, BlaBlaCar.

Nominated for having revolutionized transport for millions of people worldwide and for having re-established human connections in a digitalized world.

The Innovative Communications Academy members are invited to vote from 14th December 2015.