the world*.

We are not patsies,
We are not exiles,
We are not indignant people.

We are French citizens, citizens of the world,
convinced that imagination is ruling.

We believe in the outstanding ability we all have,
-all together- to innovate and create value.

We are enthusiastic players and witnesses
of the collaborative movement, taking up
our society and redefining our functioning.

We believe in the power of ideas,
and especially the shared ones
because they are essential to innovate.

We are convinced that the world and our country will deliver
more innovation and add value by putting back the human to the centre,
for both the City and the world of business and companies,
which are nowadays the main social bodies in this City.

Accomplishing it, is to reset a movement towards innovation.
This is the audacity we need.

The new deal, which leads to better performance,
more innovation and well-being,
requires more respect for people, therefore a better cohesion,
better intellectual, social and economic accomplishments are required.

Let’s innovate; let’s live happy and proud!

*Napoléon Bonaparte