Les napoleons Winter Session (11-14 Jan. 2017)

5th edition! (yes, already).


The power is a timeless theme and always in movement. First exclusively for men and based on the physical strength. The power remained male, but took diverse legitimacies as the divine will, the wealth, the craftiness, the military bravery and the birth. Those are so many ways to reach to power. All these preconceptions are still valid today and cannibalize our imagination, such as the soft power: from The Prince of Machiavelli to Game Of thrones, and from the Art of war of Sun Tzu to House of Cards, all our references to the power are male, cynical and military …

What’s a shortcut!


From 11 till 14 January, we meet again to reflect together about the impact of the innovation, the education, technologies and data on the new conditions, sources, and expressions… of the power. When everybody wonders about the ways to conquer and to exercise the power, we shall dig other fundamental dimensions: forces of opposition, the real influence, the commitment to make, the real places of the power, and the real impact of the leaders. By confronting the thinkers and engaged actors’s looks with those of the political and economic leaders, we shall maybe manage to understand a little bit better our eternal fascination for the power, which is not ready to fall again in 2017 …


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31 August 2016