Many people want to be doers but not have platform to do it. My prime goal in politics is to create a democratic tools so other people can participate » Following the fifth edition of the Napoleons Summit, Birgitta Jonsdottir, poetical and member of the Icelandic Parliament – Pirate Party, talk about a new form of power. 


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“To establish a horizontal power”; such is Léa Thomassin’s creed. She is the co-founder of HelloAsso and of the Social Good Week, two essential coordination instruments for the associations and community groups involved in solidarity actions. Owing to her innovative initiatives, Léa Thomassin has shown that digital technologies can be the foundation of a true power revolution. By interconnecting citizen’s initiatives and putting them within reach of the public, she is contributing to the reversal of the orientation of power, which is still, all too often, top to bottom.


Power loves light, yet, it cherishes obscurity. Power likes to show off and seeks hidden paradises. The dark corners of hallways, of bank secrecy, of shadow companies, all too often serve to hide the raw material of power: money and cronyism. But can a power based on obscurity claim any form of legitimacy? This is the question raised endlessly by the ICIJ (International Consortium of Investigative Journalists), of which the Panama Papers have recently shaken many powerful players, in every domain. To discuss this issue, the Napoleons are happy to welcome in Val d’Isère Mar Cabra, in charge of the “Data & Research” team of the ICIJ.


Martin Schoeller, the German photographer who gained fame owing to his “Close ups”, the closely cropped portraits that earned him his reputation, started his career as assistant for Annie Leibovitz. Afterwards, Martin made himself known through his work for The New Yorker, National Geographic, TIME, and others. Yet, Martin’s lens acts as an equalizer, since he addresses all the subjects in the same manner, from the powerful to the destitute, from Barak Obama and Paris Hilton to the Los Angeles homeless. Inspiring a true discourse on power, using images instead of words.



Cindy defines herself as “I like to blow shit up. I am the Michael Bay of business” (the director of Bad boys, Armageddon and Transformers); needless to say that she likes to break conventional frameworks. Therefore, she has founded two web sites that shake the boundaries: (a platform to link people of goodwill with brands who wish to bring about concrete changes in the world that make good business), and (a social sex platform designed to counter the impact of porn as default sex education). As a consultant, Cindy Gallop is a long-time advocate of Action Branding and of demonstration marketing, which consider that a brand (or an individual) is no more than the sum of its/his actions. And our actions have the power to change things.


The anonymous power is strong. Once incarnated, he can be identified, arrested and dismissed ” Back on the 5th Napoleons’ summit! Jean-Claude Monod – CNRS director researcher – holds the discussion on the relationship between the incarnated power and Democracy.

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Nusrat Durrani, Pioneer General Manager of MTV World, speaks about the power of new narratives of love in a world of hate. He takes you on a scintillating pop-culture trip around the world with video highlights of his most recent work. When hate dominates the world, Never has there been greater urgency to create positive change in the world through music, art and storytelling.

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« The power of words is very mixed », it contains both creative power and is at the same time victim of “a generalized suspicion, the post-truth”. Following the fifth edition of the Napoleons Summit ! Mariette Darrigrand, semiologist is talking about the power granted or not to words and signs.

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We can’t oppose power and spirituality, this kind power is first of all inside us »
Following the fifth edition of the Napoleons Summit, Father Eric Salobir, general promoter for social communication at Ordo Praedicatorum is talking about the link between power and spirituality. 

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«When you use the Power of Love to make that change, the change can be quite epic » 
Nusrat Durrani talks about his vision of the Power of Love in our society on this Valentine’s Day.  You’ll find his keynote on our networks very soon.
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