Geneviève Ferone

Cofounder of Prophil

Faced with the upcoming “ecological crash” (also the title of one of her books, published in 2008), Geneviève Ferone Creuzet calls for action and a proactive transformation of companies. If we want to save the planet, and everyone on it, we must go beyond CSR and move from a “responsible” business model to a “contributive” business model. Ferone Creuzet (who was, among other things, director of sustainable development for the Eiffage and Veolia Environnement groups) has spent a long time working to define and implement sustainable development solutions to which companies could contribute. This is the meaning of a recent report Ferone Creuzet co-authored with the firms Prophil and Sparknews, and in which she says it’s time to move up a gear: Today, companies can no longer limit themselves to managing their negative externalities in a responsible manner. The must instead contribute fully to the production of positive externalities for our environment, which, at the same time, produce value. How so? Geneviève Ferone Creuzet will explain it all to us.

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