Jason Moyer-Lee

General Secretary - Independent Workers Union of Great Britain

Although Jason Moyer-Lee was born in the United States, his economic studies in London and his social engagement led him to become the head of the British Trade Union IWGB (the British trade union for independent workers), of which he has been the general secretary since its inception in 2012. The IWGB aims to defend precarious workers who occupy all the “small jobs” of the new economy, such as rideshare drivers or bike deliverers, but also traditional posts like service workers and janitors. With small means, the IWGB has already become a central actor in the regulation of the dysfunctionalities that this new economy has given rise to. Because for Jason Moyer-Lee, the digital revolution, workers’ rights, and social justice are not mutually exclusive, and he is committed to demonstrating it with labor action as close as possible to the needs of those he defends.

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