Romain Dessal

Founder of Time To Sign Off

How can we turn old things into new things? We could ask Romain Dessal, creator and CEO of the famous TTSO (“Time to sign off”) newsletter, sent today to more than 100,000 subscribers. When he created it, six years ago, the newsletter format looked old-fashioned, outdated and only a few would have bet on it. And yet, TTSO has become a must-have newsletter, still steadily increasing readership. The secret? Dessal answers with two words: selection and tone. Selection, because in an endless flow of information, adding value today lies in the capacity to select deeply relevant information. Tone, on the other hand, is what attracts and wins over the reader’s loyalty for the TTSO model. Romain Dessal will tell us more on his conception of information today, and on the progress we can make in this area.

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