Napoleons Awards 2021
Choose the most innovative woman of the year.

Soraya Jaber

Does his name sound familiar to you? This is normal, we received it last January in Val d’Isère. It is with pleasure that we find her on the list of nominees by our community today. With Minsar, Soraya Jaber is a pioneer in her sector by allowing everyone to create, use and broadcast augmented reality from our smartphones. In the midst of a health crisis and at a time of travel restrictions, 3D opens up more than ever significant opportunities for citizens and businesses.
The Minsar app

Sophia Kianni
Climate Cardinals

As an Iranian-American environmental activist, Sophia Kianni launched in 2020 Climate Cardinals, a website that translates documentation on climate change into hundreds of languages, including languages ​​of the Middle East, a region in which environmental and health risks are still too little understood. Today, she is one of the youngest climate advisers in the United Nations General Secretariat.

Anne-Cécile Mailfert
Fondation des Femmes

How can we help women victims of violence and their children who will find themselves confined to their violent partner? Activation of the Foundation’s network made it possible to quickly set up a unique system that would meet their growing needs (+ 20% police interventions recorded for cases of intra-family violence during confinement). Added to this is an exceptional solidarity chain #ToutesSolidaires and an emergency aid system is being organized to help women victims of violence to leave their homes and relocate them across France. Never before has a subject of women’s rights aroused so much generosity from businesses and the general public!

Chivona Newsome
Black Lives Matter Greater NY

If Chivona Renee Newsome is known as co-founder of Black Lives Matter in the Greater New York area, she is above all a human rights defender, on the front line of the New Civil Rights Movement. In this year of heightened racial tensions in the United States, Chivona continued her struggle with the BLM movement, but she goes even further by offering her services as a consultant to fight against financial injustices. This year, she stepped into the political arena and ran for the New York District 15th District Democratic Primaries for the House of Representatives.
Chivona for Congress

Eva Sadoun x Mouvement Impact France

Elected this year as co-president of the Impact France Movement, Eva Sadoun has just added, at just 30 years old, a new cap to her list. At the origin of the platform and co-president for a year of Tech for good, this committed entrepreneur works every day for fairer finance, respecting social and ecological impact, sharing of value and power. As such, Eva Sadoun and the teams launched Rift, the first application allowing citizens to understand what savings finances, in order to transform finance.
Impact France

Napoleons Awards 2021
Choose the most innovative man of the year.

Benoit Deprez
Institut Pasteur Lille / APTEEUS

While the whole world is only talking about a vaccine against the coronavirus, the Institut Pasteur de Lille, helped by the start-up Apteeus, has undertaken titanic work since March, testing the effects of more than 2,000 molecules. on the Covid-19. This is called the repositioning of molecules. For what result? Tested on human lung cells, one of these molecules has been shown to be very effective, its active ingredient can kill the virus. If all goes well, the Institut Pasteur specifies that this treatment, which acts as “an antiviral and not as an anti-inflammatory” will be available from the start of 2021. With a treatment in development and a vaccine under test , the virus had better watch out.

Gaël Duval

We all know now, data is the new oil of the 21st century. Digital sovereignty and the protection of personal data are more than ever key issues. But what can be done in concrete terms with the digital giants? Is it really possible to act as a citizen at this stage? At the head of the, Gaël Duval seeks to “de-Googelize” our lives via an operating system, / e /, 100% emancipated from GAFAM and which defends our personal data.
e Fondation

Emmanuel Freund

By using video game codes, PowerZ aims to become the largest virtual school in the world: “We want to succeed in doing something in learning as addictive as Fortnite or Animal Crossing” says Emmanuel Freund who remains transparent about his little knowledge of the education sector, but has surrounded himself with professionals and teachers. A sign that the ambition of the project is legitimate, the round of funding recently completed to the tune of 3 million euros brought together stakeholders with a certain pedigree such as the Hachette Livre publishing group or the European fund specializing in EdTech Educapital.

Bob Kain

Bob Kain has developed a new health data platform: LunaDNA. It allows patients who upload their genetic data anonymously to help researchers work on the most pernicious human diseases. Unlike or 23andMe, people who upload their genetic data or health data can earn money every time a commercial company uses their data for approved research. They can also choose to participate in studies. “Money is a short-term motivation” according to Bob Kain “what we do keeps them from feeling exploited”. It is also and above all a first step towards a fair exploitation of genetic data, another mine that technological and biotechnological companies are eyeing.


Théau Perronin
& Raphaël Lescanne

Alice & Bob

Created in February 2020, the start-up Alice & Bob has already raised 3 million euros. Its objective: to build a quantum computer and compete with the giants of the field. This young French company is exploring a new way of conceiving the quantum computer in order to overcome the problem of qubit reliability. “The GAFAMs seek to increase the number of qubits to correct any errors. While we seek to create an ideal qubit, without error, before associating several. ” Raphaël Lescanne, the other co-founder of Alice & Bob, demonstrated this ideal qubit during his thesis. It now remains to bring laboratory experience and quantum supremacy out of the field of GAFAM.


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