Why? How do we do it?

In 2014, Mondher Abdennadher and Olivier Moulierac created Momentum together,
Napoleons’ parent company, as a logical continuation of their quest for innovation and commitment in the relationships between institutions, companies, brands and the public around a conviction:
it is by sharing ideas that we change the world.

We are an open community of women and men driven by this sharing and the desire to promote
virtuous, ethical innovation that benefits the greatest number of people.
This innovation that we support is technological, of course
but also social, political and entrepreneurial.
We defend it through the confrontation of ideas
and the crossing of skills and professions.
With goodwill and determination.


It is in the genes of the Napoleons to commit to the world of tomorrow,
in our actions as well as in the projects born from unexpected meetings of our members.
Because the environment is a central issue for us
our Summits are working towards carbon neutrality.
And since January 2021, we have been a Bcorp certified Bcorp. Our purpose:

To raise awareness, set in motion and accompany society
and the economic, associative, institutional and academic players…

towards progress that preserves the founding values of humanity.



hybrid, dense and efficient
of more than 3500 people.


with robust content
interacting with over 200,000 people.


which each bring together, 2 to 3 times a year
500 committed players on all the subjects
of our commitments.


An endowment fund that enables the organisation
of the support, financing and acceleration of
the social and solidarity innovation projects
that we have been identifying and supporting since our inception.


A “Villa Medici of Innovation”
to welcome our clients and partners,
to help them with training, exchanges, seminars and events
their seminars and events,
but also to host projects in residence
social and solidarity-based innovation projects.

The Napoleons are B Corp certified. This label recognises that certified companies integrate social, societal and environmental objectives into their business model and operations. The holistic and demanding vision of this label is based on five areas of impact: Governance, Employees, Community, Environment and Customers. The Napoleons were born of the desire to prove together that we can and must create value by being true to our values. This is the meaning of our action in the service of social and solidarity-based innovation. Innovation that respects living beings. B Corp certification is fully in line with our approach.


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