Adélaïde Charlier

Climate Activist
Youth for Climate
Val d’Isère 2020

Never has a political movement been so ubiquitous. And it was from the youth that it was born. A youth determined to save the planet, to not keep on postponing this emergency like their elders had done.

Initiated by Greta Thunberg, the Youth for Climate movement is coordinated in French-speaking Belgium by Adélaïde Charlier. At 18 years old, she has organized the biggest school strike in the history of Belgium: Every Thursday, for several months, tens of thousands of young people gather in the streets to demand that the Belgian Government prioritize climate change as a political emergency.

This exceptional mobilization has earned her the most prestigious prize awarded by Amnesty International: that of Conscientious Ambassador, for the courage she has shown. If Adelaïde Charlier is currently on a boat in the middle of the Atlantic, she will also be with us at Val d’Isère to instill us with some of her strength, her determination and her thirst for a sustainable world, everywhere.

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