Alexandre Viros

E-voyageurs SNCF
Val d’Isère 2019

In early 2018, Alexandre Viros became the new general director of With his extensive experience in digital marketing and e-commerce (he was previously marketing and e-commerce director of the FNAC Darty group, after being president of FNAC’s “France Billet” service), Viros joined at a crucial time. The digital revolution is changing the world around us, including the way we travel. With 100 terabytes of data managed per month, is by definition at the heart of these changes, and is one of France’s leading data-driven companies. Viros’ role is to ensure the best strategic and operational use of digital tools, to allow even more diverse and fine-tuned customization of the client’s experience. In the age of AI, data makes it possible to better anticipate the needs of the user, and better satisfy them. Alexandre Viros will share his vision of the future of mobility, which goes hand-in-hand with innovation.

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