AnneSophie Bérard

Author & Curator Freelance
Le Coup D'Avance
Val d’Isère 2020

Using multidisciplinary art as a tool to understand and learn about the world around us is AnneSophie Bérard’s definition of “ubiquity”. Author and “freelance curator” since 2008, this expert of contemporary art (an alumna of Paris’ Fine Arts and Decorative Arts schools) is constantly involved in innovative initiatives, including exhibits, festivals, audiovisual projects, and workshops. In addition to that, she works with a network of freelancers, collaborating with artists, sociologists, psychologists and philosophers. Her 2019 exhibit “Causes toujours!” at the Maif Social Club is one of the most successful examples. In her talk, Bérard plans on shaking up certainties and questioning the evolution of society together.

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