Assael Adary

Co-founder and President
Arles 2018 - Val d’Isère 2018

Val d’Isère 2018 / Arles 2018 / Arles 2021 

Co-founder and co-president of the research and communications consulting firm Occurrences, as well as vice-president of the association “Communication & Entreprise,” Assaël Adary is convinced of one thing: When it comes to data, it’s quality over quantity. Confronted with the dizzyingly fast rise in available data, businesses and individuals sometimes forget to take a step back from the numbers, examine them, see what’s behind them, and especially be sure to find reliable data. That’s why Assaël Adary advocates for the creation of a new kind of job title: data ethicist, whose main task is to question numbers and make them better able to speak (see his most recent book: Big or Bug Data? A Manual for Data Ethicists). He is here to tell us about today’s data issues, especially data security.

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