Bruno Patino

Editorial Director
Val d’Isère 2020

Information has become immediate, permanent, omnipresent. This ubiquity of information has inevitably transformed the media, which are no longer the exclusive relays. Bruno Patino, will enlighten us on the topic. Now 54, Arte’s Editorial Director since November 2015 and Director of Sciences Po’s school of Journalism since 2007, made his entire career in journalism and media, first at the group Le Monde between 1999 and 2008 (he notably directed and Télérama), then at Radio France as director of France Culture from 2008 to 2010. Let’s not be afraid to call him one of the more seasoned professional in the field! As such, he is the author of several books on the transformation of the media through the digital revolution, such as Une Presse sans Gutenberg (2004); The Digital Condition (2012) or the very recent The Goldfish Civilization (Grasset 2019).

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