Delphine Horvilleur

Arles 2019 - Val d’Isère 2018

Marseille 2021

Delphine Horvilleur was a journalist at France 2 before she became rabbi. She is now one of three female rabbis in France and part of the Liberal Judaism Mouvement of France (LJMF), while directing the editorial staff of the Revue de pensée(s) juive(s) Tenou’a. In the front of her mind is the question of the place of women in our societies, and in particular in religion (any religion), but also the dangers of communitarianism, particularly when it seeks to exploit our beliefs and use them to recreate borders between people. How, then, can we transmit a religious tradition while keeping it alive and open to others? This is Delphine Horvilleur’s fight, as she seeks to promote a tolerant and welcoming vision of religious identity. She will present us with her enlightening and inspiring vision of legacy.

Arles 2019

NAPOD · NAPOD EPISODE 1 – Ouverture par Delphine Horvilleur

Val d’Isère 2018

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