Pascal Lafleur

Coach Arles 2018

Arles 2018

Pascal is a former high performance athlete in martial arts and won the title of Kick Boxing World Champion.

After his sports career, he studies human sciences, metaphysical laws and the learning processes of the brain.

He becomes a researcher in sciences of well-being and understands that our truths originate from our beliefs, molding our perception of the world and our faith in life.

For the past decade, he’s been a life coach, keynote speaker and trainer for companies but also for managers and leaders.

His mission is to make humans evolve in their cone of evolution by developing their well-being muscle through the SANE method.

From his experience as a high performance athlete, he knows that the body needs to move, to unwind, to breathe in order to recharge. However the nervous system also needs to be educated to stay the course. The body needs to be trained to secrete evolution emotions, in order to develop the biochemistry of joy, of enthusiasm, of certainty and commitment to access gratitude. Neurosciences prove that an individual living in love and gratitude falls shows Alpha waves which allow him to access the creative part of their brain.

Experiencing the rituals of visualisation, like successful champions  and those who manifest their dreams and desires, enables to transform your life by not responding to the illusion of losing a gain.

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