Etienne Koechlin

Director of the Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory at the Ecole Normale Supérieure Val d’Isère 2018

How do we make decisions? (From choosing which Nespresso capsule you’re going to go for this morning, to deciding on accreditations for the Val d’Isère 2018 conference…) What are the neurological mechanisms involved in all judgment, from the most innocuous to the most life-changing? These are the questions that Etienne Koechlin, director of the Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory at the Ecole Normale Supérieure, explores. Starting with the most recent advances in neuroscience, Koechlin works to understand how our brains function, and how our thoughts and choices are produced. So, must we fear neuroscience and what it can teach us about our decisions? Is there such a thing as free will or are our lives completely determined by our frontal lobes? This is the question that the Napoléons will ask Etienne Koechlin at the Val d’Isère 2018 Winter Conference!

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