Gregory Renard

Head of Deep Learning & CAIO - xBrain Val d’Isère 2018

Who’s afraid of the big bad AI? As projects and developments in the artificial intelligence sector expand — and with them, hopes and irrational fears too — some of us attempt to demonstrate, in the most concrete manner, the usefulness that can be derived from AI-based systems. This is the case for Grégory Renard, founder and CEO of X-Brain, an integrated personal assistant for your car that you can talk to, whether it’s to enter information into your GPS or to call your friends. A sort of Siri for your car, so to speak, that comes with more and more models. And not only does it improve your comfort while driving, more importantly — and this is essential for Grégory Renard — it improves your capacity to focus while driving. So what do we say? Hip hip hooray for AI!

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