Guy Cramer

Founder & CEO
Val d’Isère 2020

To be present anywhere but without being seen. It is from this original ubiquity-related perspective that Guy Cramer will introduce us his technological inventions and show us what the psycho-digital magic of camouflage might look like. From H. G. Wells’ The Invisible Man novel published in 1897 to the famous invisible cape of the Harry Potter saga, the ability to become invisible is now possible thanks to this modern day innovator. President and CEO of the Canadian company Hyperstealth Biotechnology Corporation, he is also the developer of a new military camouflage based on mathematical fractals (feedback loops). The illusion is not perfect yet but the result is impressive. Defender first and foremost of the safety of soldiers in conflict zones, Guy Cramer will enlighten us on the role algorithms can play in the survival of humanity, while questioning the limits of their use.

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