Marie-Cécile Zinsou

Fondation Zinsou
Arles 2019

How can one leave a legacy after losing one’s cultural heritage? Here lies the problem facing many African countries today, for which colonization has meant being deprived of large swathes of their historical and artistic past. This is notably the case in Benin, which suffered major looting of artworks at the time of colonial rule. To discover this past, and open a new future for Beninese culture, Marie-Cécile Zinsou created the Zinsou Foundation in 2005. Franco-Beninese herself, and daughter of former Benise Prime Minister Lionel Zinsou, Marie-Cecile Zinsou decided to make her passion for art history her profession, and her battle call. Thanks to the foundation she created, she became a major supporter for Benise culture, fighting both for the promotion of contemporary art in Africa, but also for the restitution of cultural goods looted during French colonization of what was then Dahomey. She will be in Arles to talk about legacy, leaving a mark and Africa’s future.

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