Moran Cerf

Professor in Neurosciences
Kellogg School of Management
Val d’Isère 2020

Moran Cerf can literally read your mind. How? By hacking your brain. Of course, many have had something to say about the subject before. But the difference is in Moran Cerf’s atypical technique that mixes neuroscience, psychology and hacking. His adage: “don’t be afraid to break down boundaries”, his goal: “to make the world a better place”. Over the last five years of hard work, this French-Israeli neuroscientist, a professor at the Kellogg School of Management, investor and former hacker, unravels the mysteries of the black box of human thought by reading the activity of neurons, allowing him to capture feelings and areas of anxiety in the brain. This hacker of dreams, who reminds us of the character from Mr. Robot, thus multiplies the awards (“Extraordinary Minds” of the Templeton Foundation, Chicagoan award) and conferences around the world. Is the world of intimacy a thing of the past? Voilà, a debate to be looking forward to…

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