Perla Servan Schreiber

Cook and essayist
Arles 2019

Perla Servan is 75 years old, and she lives it with joy. For her, “to age badly is to cling to the idea of youth, an illusion, whereas old age is a world of discovery that opens before us.” An advertising executive and magazine publisher, wife of Jean-Louis Servan-Schreiber, with whom she has founded Psychologies in 1998, Perla Servan Schreiber is passionate about sharing those little and big things that help her look at life on the bright side. She said it clearly: to live is simpler than one thinks but to believe that is actually the most difficult! She published in 2017, What life taught me, and in 2018 The Promises of Age. She will be in Arles this summer to show us the way.

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