Raphaël Liogier

Sociologist & Philosopher
Columbia University & Sciences Po
Val d’Isère 2019

Raphaël Liogier is a sociologist and anthropologist. His work on religion and beliefs (but also recently on transhumanism) had nothing to do with the #MeToo movement, and yet … It is by reading the Twitter thread devoted to #MeToo (and France’s own version #BalanceTonPorc, “rat out your pig”) that Raphaël Liogier felt the need to write his latest book, Descente au cœur du mâle (“Descent Into the Heart of the Male”), which focuses on how men look at women. Because what #MeToo has revealed to the world, and especially to the world of men, is that harassment against women, in all its shapes and forms, is based on a traditional ancestral vision of manhood. In our patriarchal societies, the affirmation and domination of men over men starts with the way they look at women, especially at their bodies. So how do we escape it and really advance gender relations? For Raphaël Liogier, everyone has to chip in, including men who must learn to transform the way they look and value women.

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