Rebecca Amsellem

Les Glorieuses
Arles 2019

What would you like to pass on to future generations: a “Museum of Mankind” or a “Museum of Humankind”? Language is one of the central tools for transmission and communication, but also for the reproduction of dominant structures that allow for gender inequalities to persist. Rebecca Amsellem, the founder of the feminist newsletter Les Glorieuses in 2015, came to that conclusion. Her battle includes the 2017 petition that called on public authorities to modify the Museum of Mankind’s name as well as the promoting of gender-neutral language and equal pay. Her goal is to build up a new collective imagination where women would be fully equal to men. For this reason, Les Glorieuses is more than a newsletter. It is a genuine sorority made up of 115,000 female subscribers. She has developed a noted economic thesis about museums’ strategies to expand internationally and their new business models. Having recently published a book entitled Les Glorieuses : chroniques d’une féministe, Rebecca Amsellem will join us to talk about her fight for a legacy of equality.

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