Rudy Reichstadt

Founder & CEO - Conspiracy Watch Paris 2020 - Val d’Isère 2019

Paris 2020

Rudy Reichstadt is France’s foremost specialist in the critical analysis of conspiracy theories and contemporary anti-Semitism. During the health crisis, he used his various organizations to keep a close eye on online extremism and misinformation. Member of the Observatory of Political Radicalism of the Jean Jaurès Foundation and director of the Observatory of Conspiracy Theories, he founded in 2007. He is the co-author of the 2018 documentary film Complotisme: les alibis de la terreur and wrote the essay L’Opium des imbéciles in 2019.

Val d’Isère 2019

Founder in 2007 of the Conspiracy Watch website (the “Observatory of Conspiracy Theories”), Rudy Reichstadt has long been involved in the fight against fake news and conspiracy theories that increasingly undermine citizens’ trust in information. At a time of acute democratic crisis, which also includes the crisis of our institutions, starting with media institutions, whistleblowers such as Rudy Reichstadt are essential if we are to understand why democratic principles are in danger today, and how we can strengthen them. This is one of the necessary conditions for progress.

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