Thibault Lamarque

Founder & CEO
Arles 2019

Thibault Lamarque created Castalie in 2011 with a simple idea: at a time of ecological emergency, it was necessary to find a way to do without plastic bottles for good, that practical yet environmentally-unfriendly solution to bring water to our tables and desks! How can we do this? France has it easy, since the water in the nation’s network is already of high quality: all that’s left to do is to go to the source, quite literally, and transform this already good water into even better water (flat or sparkling) by purifying and microfiltering it on site — and without using plastic! Sometimes innovation springs from the simplest ideas, and it is this ability to see the world differently, to change it, that Thibault Lamarque will pass onto us in Arles this summer, in our summit where, of course, plastic bottles are 100% banned! So don’t forget your refillable bottles, and come listen to Thibault Lamarque.

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