Virginie Raisson-Victor

Chronos Global
Arles 2019

Virginie Raisson-Victor is a geopolitical researcher. In her work, she has observed, helped, and analyzed the world and its movements for more than 30 years, through her unceasing work of teaching and of the circulation of knowledge. This led her in 1992, alongside Jean-Christrophe Victor, to found the laboratory of prospective studies and cartographic analysis (LÉPAC). An independent laboratory of prospective geopolitics which has for years fueled the program with Le Dessous des cartes.

But the observation and teaching were not enough for Virginie Raisson-Victor, as our world has entered a circular period, in which our collective responsibility is to act today. What world will we leave for future generations? Why has the awareness of the ecological emergency not already led to radical transformations? How are we going to change things? These are all the questions at the heart of Virginie Raisson-Victor’s work, prodding us to “conquer denial and have our lightbulb moment.”

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