Artist and culture in democracy
Philippe Torreton, author and actor

He opened with Brecht’s words and closed with Sitting Bull’s. Philippe Torreton’s words are like blades. They defend the essential mission of reinventing the world, a mission carried by artists, and the importance of the inclusion of all worlds, of the Other.
This Keynote is a lesson in art and life, because it is about the same thing, the same force.
“The early morning of the beginning must come and the universe must return to its center.”

Duration – 22:53

What do we do with colonial statues ?
Pascal Blanchard, historian

Pascal Blanchard is a historian, he sets the tone by announcing that history is a permanent combat sport. Thanks to museums, it is possible to tell history through heritage. According to him, “You have to confront what makes sense and what matters. The reconciliation of all identities can happen through universalism if it adapts to time. Our challenge: to bring the world to the right place. Action!

Duration – 20:33

Resilient Cities!
Cécile Maisonneuve, Chairwoman of Fabrique de la Cité

This keynote is not about the world before, nor the world after. Cécile Maisonneuve describes for us the possibility of the world with, in our “reed” cities that crises impact but do not kill. These agile and resilient cities, which come back to life with the creation of new convivialities in their public spaces, new forms of mobility that include everyone. It is indeed the marriage between scientist and politician that we are talking about here, in order to do things quickly and together therefore well. We are all citizens who are “sensors” and responsible for our cities, which are laboratories of complexity and richness.

Duration – 13:52

Fluctuat nec mergitur?
Anne Hidalgo, Mayor of Paris

Anne, she is Parisian, she is a social democrat, she is a humanist, ecological, feminist, convinced universalist. For her second appearance at the Napoleons, she tells us about her dream of a political path that enhances republican values ​​through action, and in particular local territorial action. We are living a Revolution, let’s take this opportunity to deconstruct the archaic bureaucracy and give power back to the human, the collective, education and diversity! Amen.

Duration – 19:41

Trains like no other
Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs

Do not miss this keynote where Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, tells us about the prowess of medical TGVs during the covid crisis and the 3 values ​​that drive it: agility, responsibility and solidarity. The French are now turning to useful and eco-responsible mobility. Everyone must reinvent themselves. Get on the innovation train!

Duration – 13:47

Answer the call
Diariata N’Diaye, Artivist

Let yourself be swept by Diariata’s slam, an Amazon who has herself been a victim of violence and who is now fighting against it so as not to leave the victims alone, thanks to her Résonantes association and her App-Elles app. She opens up and tells us about her obstacle course as a young entrepreneur not formatted and stubborn. His message is clear: “Trust yourself and step out of your comfort zone!” On a misunderstanding, you can save the world! “.

Duration – 9:57

To Infinity and Beyond !
Bertrand Piccard, Initiator Chairman and Pilot of Solar Impulse Foundation

Born from a line of explorers, Bertrand Piccard is a solution seeker. His challenge: to decrease what is useless and which pollutes, to integrate what protects with the greatest respect for humans and the environment. For this, he created the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” label in a spirit of positive synergy. Once the 1000 labeled solutions have been reached, he will travel around the world again to evangelize companies and entrepreneurs. Exciting ! The Future is now!

Duration – 14:40

Infodemy : the other pandemic of 2020
Rudi Reichstadt, Director of Conspiracy Watch
& Albert Moukheiber, neurologist and founder of Chiasma

During the covid 19 virus, we saw another virus emerge: infodemia. These two experts will explain to you the sources of the success of conspiracy theories during a pandemic. Our society is also responsible for what it conveys, especially on the internet and the need we have to proclaim our opinion publicly even if we do not have the weapons to sharpen our critical thinking. Finally, wouldn’t we need to be reassured as much as we would need to be informed? Political communication and the loss of confidence also fuel fakes news. Would the key be to accept not knowing rather than knowing badly?

Duration – 31:06

Architect of a better world
Melinda Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

The covid will have robbed us of the biggest equality forum scheduled to be held in Paris this summer. Melinda Gates, who is no longer presented, sends us a strong message to encourage us to think about the next forum for equality, taking into account all that covid-19 has made us live, so that we come out more strong and more equal from this crisis.

Duration – 3:00

Time & Counter-Time
Etienne Klein, Physicist & Philosopher of sciences

Who is legitimate to talk about time? Our favorite physicist: Etienne Klein! He reminds us that during confinement, our volume in space-time shrunk, that we were able to practice “soul mountaineering” suddenly and that we must urgently proceed to a semantic clean-up of the notion of time. You can listen to this keynote over and over, without doing anything else. Our challenge: let’s stop pretending not to believe what we know and revitalize time as a historical force!

Duration – 34:25

Data & Territories
Olivier Sichel, Director of Banque des Territoires
Arno Pons, Director of Digital New Deal Foundation

Territories are now at the heart of government policy. As Director of the Banque des Territoires, Olivier Sichel explains the barrier gestures in the current economic crisis and insists on the strength of the network. For Arno Pons, Director of Digital New Deal Foundation, digital technology is a fabulous lever for the territories and we must adapt to digital more quickly to avoid the divide and inequalities. We must recreate a bond of trust!

Duration – 16:44

New Generation
Félix Auger-Alissime, professional tennis player
featuring Chris Evert

19-year-old tennis player Félix has a keen social conscience and is committed at every point he scores to have an impact! It comes from his education and his Togolese roots. Do not miss this emotional keynote where 2 generations of tennis players meet who share the same commitment. Sport supports flagship values, we must support athletes and add links to this virtuous chain of mutual aid to build a better world together!

Duration – 14:08

Scientists, it’s time to commit
Jean Jouzel, Director of Research Emeritus – CEA

Jean Jouzel’s message is clear: to avoid collapse, we must act now! According to him, the universal movement of scientific responsibility must do its job but it will not be enough. It is by combining education and communication that we will trigger awareness and citizen mobilization to make this ecological transition and move towards more responsible consumption and production. The younger generations have proven this recently, so it’s up to us to follow them and support them with a raised fist!

Duration – 15:06


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