Annika Skattum, therapist & Joanna Goodale, pianist

When a whirling dervish (Annika Skattum) and her pianist (Joanna Goodale) open our winter summit on Ubiquity, this is what happens. No word, just a sweet vertigo.

Duration – 17:13

Ubiquity & Inequality
Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Founder of

Elizabeth Nyamayaro was Executive Director of UN Women and the # HeforShe movement and her vision is clear: inequalities (whether racial, social or gender) are ubiquitous in this world. To increase mobilization, we need to use social media and information technologies. In her vision, Africa must take care of its own development by relying on its communities and the strength of its brilliant youth! Power to!

Duration – 17:09

Bertrand Causse, Conductor, pianist and singer & Christine Chareyron, pianist

Half-man, half-nightingale, Bertrand Causse and his pianist Christine Chareyron take us on an absolutely stunning whistled flight, thus provoking an ubiquity of emotions and pleasure.

Duration – 13:47

Rage against the Technique
Diana Filippova, CEO of Stroïka

According to Diana Filippova: “Technologies have always made politics, but politics has always used technologies as techniques and as orientation technologies (…) We must regain a collective political power and create new models where technology is virtuous and respectful. »A sharp and necessary keynote that opens breaches.

Duration – 16:34

Working from anywhere, really?
Laëtitia Vitaud, Cadre Noir Ltd.

Work has a social and central role because it defines us. Laetitia Vitaud says: “Geographical inequalities have continued to increase in our digital age. ”
We find ourselves trapped in an old industrial model that does not take into account the kaleidoscopic nature of our careers. Our challenge: to reshape a social contract by emphasizing geographic mobility and continuous and advanced training.

Duration – 15:47

Follow the white rabbit
Soraya Jaber, Minsar

If you want to be unbeatable in virtual, augmented and mixed reality, don’t miss this Soraya Jaber’s keynote that propels you through the meanders of the
3D creation. According to her: “The computing of tomorrow will be spatialized and contextualized” and it is up to us to support these new technologies to make good use of them.

Duration – 16:34

Taste of Ubiquity
Thierry Marx, Chef

Chef Thierry Marx is not there to “lead”. He praises the presence and the dragonfly. According to him: “Cooking is about giving memory to the ephemeral. So let yourself be carried away by his words.

Duration – 24:11

It’s a trap!
Gaspard Koenig

We will start from the premise that ubiquity does not exist. In this journey in Philosophy, Gaspard Koenig guides us towards renouncing this ubiquity where we would like to be everywhere, while ultimately not being anywhere, in order to inhabit the present moment and learn again to be somewhere.

Duration – 22:43

Now you see me
Guy Cramer, CEO – Hyperstealth Technologies

Guy Cramer is the inventor of the Invisibility Cloak, demo to support. First used by the military, this technology holds great promise. To discover the perspectives, do not miss this keynote.

Duration –  13:52

A penny for your thoughts
Moran Cerf, Neuroscientist – Kellogg School of Management

Where do the information, the thoughts in our brain come from? From the point of view of neuroscientist Moran Cerf, they are believed to come from us, but our brains can be hacked very easily. According to him, you shouldn’t believe everything you think. Watch this informative and exciting keynote …

Duration –  28:03


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