Keynote “Cleaning Up Our Mess”
Boyan Slat, CEO & Founder of The Ocean Cleanup

After diving into the Mediterranean « plastic » sea, Boyan Slat had an idea to clean the Ocean. With his dream team, they elaborated a unique and experimental system to solve this problem. He gives us his tips for the future: stay clever, work together, go forward and please clean up after yourselves…

Duration – 23:56

Keynote “Real Time Composition”
Yaron Herman – Pianist

No words. Just listen!

Duration – 18:24

Keynote “Utopian”
Sandrine Roudaut, author and utopian

This keynote of the Utopian Sandrine Roudaut is a call for all hidden Utopians! She emphasizes the need of radicality to change point of view, investigate and create new habits that will convert competition into fair cooperation.

Duration – 27:19

Keynote “Smooth Operator”
Alex Jaffray, CEO and composer for Start-REC

Alex Jaffray has faith in the human power in music. He browses history from Jean-Pierre the prehistorical piper, through Queen and AC/DC, to electrifying AI concert in Japan. Don’t miss this!

Duration : 17:45

Keynote “Time to…”
Romain Dessal, Founder & CEO of Time to Sign Off

Special request to all fast’n’curious : « Get ready for 15 minutes of optimism ! »
Romain Dessal sets the tone of this interesting keynote that makes us travel through time from 1918 to 2018 pointing out all the illusions that have been eradicated by progress.

Duration – 12:45

Keynote “50 Shades of Progress”
Etienne Klein, Physicist and Science Philosopher, CEA

Etienne Klein describes the intricated relation between Time and Progress, how Progress turned into Innovation, and from his speech emerges one crucial notion: Courage. A must-see keynote, full of hope.

Duration – 24:14


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